Physician Muscle Health Formula®

  • Multiple Human Clinical Studies have shown that there is a direct relationship between Muscle Health and Life Span. Minding your Muscles is one of the best things you can do to promote your Longevity.
  • MYOS Physician Muscle Health Formula with Fortetropin® is an all natural, advanced nutrition product made from fertilized egg yolk that has been shown in multiple clinical studies to accelerate muscle gain and help improve recovery.
  • MYOS Physician Muscle Health Formula with Fortetropin helps your body utilize protein more efficiently to build more lean muscle mass. Taking Fortetropin daily along with resistance training, has been clinically shown to increase muscle size, muscle mass and muscle strength.
  • MYOS Physician Muscle Health Formula is all natural and contains three simple ingredients: fertilized egg yolk powder, dextrose and natural vanilla flavor.
  • Distributed through Anti-aging physicians and clinics.