Alexander Tess - Quality Assurance Manager

Mr. Tess is responsible for implementing and maintaining the effectiveness of the quality system at MYOS CORP. He successfully runs programs that ensure all specifications for products or services are met and monitors progress and compliance through regular inspections. Mr. Tess develops standard operating procedures and manages stability studies, ensuring compliance with protocols. Prior to joining MYOS CORP, Mr. Tess worked as a research associate at Celgene Cellular Therapeutics exploring platforms for cell-based therapies in the therapeutic areas of cancer and inflammatory diseases. He excelled in establishing methods for differentiation of various cell lines form mesenchymal stem cells as well as characterizing and monitoring cell lines for comprehensive in vitro studies. Mr. Tess has a BS in Biochemistry from Fairleigh Dickinson University as well as a BS degree from Kazan Aviation University in Aircraft Engineering. In addition, Mr. Tess has completed Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance and Control Trainings.